ere is a short description to explain the philosophy about my photography’s artwork and author’s rights, watermark and properties.


A logo ? A Watermark? A copyright?

What does this sign on the pictures mean?

irst of all, this logo represents my initials: BD. It is a fingerprint on my pictures to make it clearly recognizable from other photographer’s work and affirms that I’m the author and owner of these photos.

Because medias are getting more and more importance in our life, this logo is also a protection mark and a copyright on my artwork to prevent people to use it without permission or for an inappropriate use. I believe that every creative work is valuable and deserves attention and to take care of it.Using your own skills to create Art is really personal and requires talent, originality, sensitivity, creativity, imagination, time, pleasure and passion.


Our own investment for each everyone of us has a value and a price, no matter how much it is and whatever the art form is: dance, sing, writing, photography, painting, sculpture or other practices.

I present on this website all the forms of photographic creations I work on. If you want to know more about my personal journey, I invite you to visit the ABOUT page.

If you need more information about my pictures, prices and conditions, don’t hesitate to send me an email via the CONTACT page.

I wish you a pleasant visit!

  • godin philippe
    octobre 9, 2014

    bravo boris super site tres pro on sent que la passion te guide et les resultats sont à la hauteur continue cordialement philippe

    • Boris
      octobre 10, 2014

      Merci Philippe pour vos compliments ! Je suis ravi que mes photos vous plaisent !
      Parlez en autour de vous 🙂
      Cordialement, Boris

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