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    IndiART – Acrylic Paintings


    Acrylic Paintings

    ainting is a logical continuity to photography. Through alternative techniques to serigraphy, I express atmospheres and ambiances of India, in its colorful environments and landscapes, its strength and paradoxes. The portraits, combined with some of the most common everyday indian’s life objects or symbols, compose an artistic language and style that could be defined as « Neo-PopArt » or « Indian PopArt ».

    These paintings are on sale. If you want to purchase a canvas or have more information, please contact me by filling the form on this page.

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  • Focus on Monkeys

    T [/dropcap]hey are our closest ancestors… Monkeys… We have the same origins, the same roots. We come from their specie. And we probably still have a lot of things to learn from them…

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